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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Mid Semester Exams are arriving

In one of the leading universities across India, there has been a massive revolution. The students of SVNIT (Seriously Vella National Institute of TimePass) have started to laugh at the professor's jokes. When we reached out to the students and asked them why this sudden degradation in sense of humour, the students were just as clueless as if they have been asked about the topics that they are studying. "Students are just reacting to the stress, this is temporary and would soon go away" we overheard one watchman, talking to another. One of the students named Shashank has already started with the syllabus, when the spokesperson reached out to him he denied all the allegations and vehemently accused our great education system to show his loyalty for the majority. He then quickly disappeared into the abyss of library. Another student Rakesh has also picked up a book, .. no no not the subject book  but the book "Exam Warriors", by our honorable Prime Minister which talks about how to reduce stress among students. After reading the book, Rakesh has decided to increase his sleeping quota from 14 hours a day to 16 hours a day as there is a complete chapter in the book titled, "Sleep is your greatest weapon, embrace it". Rakesh also claims that he has been supporting Prime Minister's campaign of "Exam pe charcha" since last year but the faculty here had him detained for the same. He says "Exam pe charcha is one of the best ways to reduce stress during exams as most students study just a night before exams" but for some reason the authorities have not allowed discussions during the exam as of time of writing this article. Some of the students have even reduced meme tagging their friends from 4 a day to just 2 a day. Inspired by this sudden shift in student's behaviour the UN has amended it's Article 3 of the Geneva Convention which now states that all prisoners must be treated humanely, and not tortured with techniques like induced psychosis, physical torture and one night exam cramming.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Amazon Slay - Available only for prime members.

Amazon has been creating disruptive innovations to get into our mobile phones, bedrooms and now they have hit the highroad with the launch of their new service - Amazon Slay. Amazon Slay provides one day killing service for prime members where as normal users would have to wait longer. It also integrates well with other amazon services such as kindle, echo and bundles with developer ready API. One of the spokesperson with the knowledge of this subject told us that "buyers can choose from hanging, gun or getting beaten to death while ordering the service, as compared to just gunshot offered by their competitors". This was clearly a reference to the service Flipkart Bhai which was started a month ago but has faced a very stiff competition from global players. We tried reaching out to people from Flipkart Bhai but they declined to comment on the issue. Amazon claims that they have managed to improve suicide attempts by whooping 11% and are a one stop service for anyone planning any type of homicide.  Not only this amazon offers real time notifications of the killer and gives an option to kill the neighbour in case the person in question is not available. This service is currently available to prime members only and would be expanded soon given the unprecedented demand.  

My experiments on Optimizing Profits in CryptoCurrencies.

Sometimes you just know that something won't work and yet somehow you need to watch it fail just to believe that it won't. Some people may call it a foolhardy attempt but this is the kind of incredulity of men for new ideas until they had good amount of exposure of things often brings disruptive innovation.

CryptoCurrency is the new buzzword around town and everyone wants to get their hands dirty.  I decided to give it a shot myself. The idea was simple, get the live feed of cryptocurrency (using binance API) and somehow optimize the algorithm for buying and selling to make maximise profits. Fueled by this idea, I signed up on binance (it is an exchange for trading cryptocurrencies) and got onboard their api platform.

Approach #1.
I begum hitting the API at an interval of 0.5 seconds and recorded the highs and lows. The point there was a change of slope, I decided to create sandbox transaction. If the slope changes form positive to negative, it is a good time to sell because the probability that it is going to keep following the decrement pattern are high. Similarly   

Thursday, January 11, 2018

About an Idea - Samir Dayal Singh

Keep it shut, don’t shake it off.
Contain and let it build up.
The urge increases.
It strengthens and deepens.
This will give you the vital fuel.
At first there will be chaos.
In that restless, fickle box.
Then there will be the constant,
calm and peace.
Process it in your mind,
and don’t say; be obsessed.
Expand your vessel. Absorb.
But for once if you say it out;
If for once you eject the mind,
Its lost to the infinite expansion.
Like 250 million people drained
and flushed down the toilet.

The poem is written by Samir, you can find more content from him on his medium handle -

Monday, December 4, 2017

Scamming the scammers

I have replied to a few emails of the scammers and enjoyed it thoroughly, but this guy is pure gold. The photoshop one was the nail in the coffin.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

AI and Humans - 1

Recently an Artificially intelligent bot called Sophia got citizenship of United Arab Emirates. It was enthralling to see the robot and it's human like interactions. It kind of makes you wonder how we have reached from rolling stones and calling them wheels to flowing electrons in silicon embedded skulls. It is fascinating to speculate how things would look like in next 5-10 years.

Artificial life forms is where the internet was in early 80's. Accessible only to a few people having high resources.

Internet in 80's was very premature and was just a toy for geeks and nerds alike. Today it has become indispensable tool for our productivity. It moved from being a business product for overseas communication to personal entertainment device. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is being used at lot of places and is at early stages just like internet was in 80's. The problem with artificial intelligence being mainstream is twofold:-
  1. Problems in business sectors needs to be addressed first with productivity kept in laser focus, instead of directly jumping into consumer businesses. 
  2. A proper architecture needs to kept and agreed upon for deciding the privacy, data sharing and replacement of jobs destroyed by AI. 
It is also interesting to note that during the internet the world was largely split into corporations making innovations, today the whole gameplay has been shifted to open source work culture, thus giving individual ample opportunity to understand make use of tools present with highly specific projects in mind.

Bonus Video: (It is about AI wife! based in orthodox Rajasthan)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

ACM TechIQ Organising Experience

Use full screen to view the questions. EXCEPT ONE, ALL OF THEM HAVE A VIDEO AND 2/3 PICTURES ALONG WITH IT. THE QUIZ IS JUST TECH BASED. Conducted a Tech Quiz at SVNIT, Surat on behalf of ACM Chapter of SVNIT.